The Mid Realm

The Mid Realm is the physical plane of Aérthe. All kinds of life cling to it’s surface.

The Mid Real can be separated into four main continents: The North-Lands, The Aestrling, The Est’rn and the Great Plains.


The North-Lands are a frigid, mountainous area. With great, towering cliffs and deep valleys.
The most common races are: Humans, Dwarves and Two Giant clans.
They have an uneasy alliance as neither peoples wants to waste supplies on a siege… Though tensions are boiling between them.


Far into the east lies the Aestrling. A tropical paradise one might think but a second glance will tell even the dullest of people that these are troubled lands.
5 War-Lords battle over the territories within these forested arenas .
The Tieflings are the majoring race here though the Dragonborn plot in the background of a mighty war.


The main might of the Elven peoples can be found here. A temperate, Hilly land can be seen, Ruled by Elves and the mysterious Faéy few have set foot into the depths of this secret kingdom.


The Great Plains is home of the Outcasts and Half-breeds.
Those sent to the sand-ridden expanse are often criminals or Mules, and are considered the lesser peoples in the eyes of Pure-bloods.
They live in constant fear of becoming food for the native wildlife or being killed by their fellow outcasts.
All that is known about The Plains is that you never come back out.

The Mid Realm

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